Welcome to the Forum for Ecological Education and Action Website.

Our main goal is to promote lifelong ecological literacy and ecological consciousness through this forum. We hope you take the time to experience our site for yourself and will consider getting involved in our quest to promote ecological consciousness.

The Forum for Ecological Education and Action website was orignally developed in order to support the effort to create a discrete, compulsory, provincial curriculum for ecological education K-12. We believe ecological literacy should be equal to if not more important than daily language and mathematics. Without healthy ecological systems of air, water, soil, biodiversity and population and without clean, renewable energy, we won't have have healthy economic and social systems. We won't have families and jobs and health and everything else critical to the human experience. We believe that Ecological consciousness should become our FIRST IMPERATIVE.Because we have been misusing ecological systems for so long, we have incurred a huge ecological debt that is now due. Thus we must reconceptualize how we live on this planet and we must do this in a very short period of time. We no longer have the luxury of "evolutionary thinking", that is, thinking that if we don't do it today, or this year, we can always do it later. We hold the future in our hands, now.

To promote the development and implementation of:

a) lifelong ecological consciousness:

* To empower individuals and families to make ecologically responsible decisions in all areas of their lives.

*To develop educated communities committed to ecologically responsible policies and practices.

*To protect and preserve life for future generations.

b/ ecological education as a meta-discipline involving sciences, geography and history, social sciences, health and movement, economics, philosophy, art, language and mathematics.

c/this distinct new curriculum of ecological education with all other subjects and courses so that ecological literacy becomes the integrating school theme.

Did You Know?

The peak of oil reserves in expected between 2010 - 2020.


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